King Lion.

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I made the three poetic albums for Charles the Great, Queen Abigail, and King Lion. I will share these when I can. Hope you enjoy them! :)

Charles the Great (Conclusion)

Charles the Great is fallen! Look, what he did on earth? He had been sexually sin the beautiful worldly women and he allowed them to sell their bodies to him. He went to the bar after he had killed all the beautiful Christian women and filled their blood in his glass and he drank it. How awfully gross! Where did Charles the Great kill all the Christian women? At the house of King Lion and Queen Abigail. Queen Abigail, the Great Lioness had heard from that terrible news. So she went out to search for Charles the Great in various local bars.

At this time, Charles the Great was drunk from blood glass in ten times and the one leading worldly woman asked, “Hey baby, had you owe us our beautiful bodies?” he answered, “No baby, I had drank the blood.” The leading worldly woman and her group felt disgusting, “Ew! You’re so grossed! We are going to fire you a little.” Charles the Great was shocked and feared. He screamed, “NOOOO BABY!!!!” The beautiful worldly women fired on his feet a little circle and he gasped at Queen Abigail. Queen Abigail shouted out loudly with her roaring voice, “I know what you did to my beautiful Christian women. Ha, there is you go, Charles the Great! I’m a bitch goddess to you all the lovers.” The false lovers were trying to flee but it all too late after Charles the Great had fired out of her mouth and lasting burn him.

After the destruction of the entire false sweetheart, Queen Abigail raised the dead true lovers up. They are joyful to have a happy love together forever on paradise. And there are so many animals that show peace to the true humans. The true loves will have a productive house and they are welcome to the tame animals. You can imagine that the married couple rides on the back of Queen Abigail and King Lion. King Lion had taught Queen Abigail how to destroy the future betrayer in ancient times. And in modern time, Queen Abigail will take turn to do that. And so, the true loves are having a productive life and happy forever.

Then End!

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Charles the Great (Reason Two)

Why is the communication had to be feeling a boring expressive language? About seventy percent of men neglect their women. They tend to watch the TV programs, talk to the friends, etc. and not even focus on their women’s weak areas. The weak areas are like for example, a wife can’t carry the heavy baby. The husband should not say, “You should be a strong woman to carry the heavy baby.” Sadly, he does and that really means not helpful. Neglect is very harmful way to when the conversation is not finish. Most people do ignore when others are not finish talk. So that is not cool to hurt the feeling.

To the lover, when you like someone, what you must do? Talk to her! That is very important way to keep in touch like writing a love letter, call, and more. I’m sure you can think of something else you will love to talk to her. Once you think of something else, write it down and don’t forget about your love.

Charles the Great (Reason One)

Why loved turns to unloved? There are many reasons why loved turns to unloved. I can give you two examples. First, during six months, the boyfriend was dating the same woman. And after these months, he feels boring and wants to pick the new girlfriend. Second, the husband view his wife’s body looks awful after she had given birth to the baby and decided to cheat on her. The husband wants to have another woman with more beautiful body. These examples are serious and betrayed. And that can destroy the lovely heart. Also, those are sounded unfair to the innocent loving ones. The completed feeling is worthless because we decided to come out of Charles the Great. And we don’t want to fall in love with someone who does not show love to him or her. And we are not sure if love is proved. The top bluff helps us to feel good about someone’s inside the heat body. We want to have a better soul mate. 

Charles the Great (Introduction)

Charles the Great is the false lover that impacts the entire sweetheart. All false lovers are identifying the person who not knows how to show love to one another. What does the false lover teach you? It teaches you how to betray your love.

There is the vision of Charles the Great, the Father and the Betrayer of the earth. He killed all the brilliant beautiful Christian women of Queen Abigail, the Great Lioness. Then he drank the blood of them. This is real horrible time of no loving! He can let Queen Abigail to stay in wrath.

 At that time, Charles the Great has all the beautiful worldly women ready to be the sickness of his timeless fornication. Charles the Great did whore all the beautiful worldly women. But how do the beautiful worldly women feel if he had pushed them to love falsely by not getting ready to purchase their curving bodies? They will fire on his feet a little circle. Then he can see with his grasp at Queen Abigail. Queen Abigail shouted out loudly with her roaring voice, “Ha, there is you go, Charles the Great! I’m a bitch goddess to you all the lovers.” How do Charles the Great feels? HE SCARES TO HELL!!!! HA, HA!!!! Queen Abigail fired out of her mouth through his body and burned him forever.

In the final story, Queen Abigail destroyed all the false lovers and redeemed the true lovers. So the true lovers were having a joyful life on paradise forever.


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